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Dr. Brigitta Schmitz (Eng)

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Dr. Brigitta Schmitz (Eng)
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Registration at the Medical Board Bonn, Germany, intership at the Ophtalmological Clinic Dardenne/Bonn, with particular attention to outpatient and surgical treatment of the outer eye problems. Specialized in ophthalmology at the Università Cattolica del S. Cuore with maximum votes. Since then, practicing as consultant in various pubblic and private healths system institutions like Ocularistica Italiana, Fabia Mater, Paideia, Centro Diagnostico, Ergophthalmologia Telecom, ASL2 Umbria and various ASL Facilities in Rome. Since 2016, responsible consultant in Ophthalmology in Poliambulatorio Aventino38 in Rome.

Specialty Ophthalmology
Degrees Medicine and Surgery
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